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Miniatur Bottle`s info


The selection of Norwegian miniature bottles is limited. There exists a single collection comprising of 10 bottles of various Aquavit. These are available for purchase at the State run liquor store. And we also have a bottle,Viking Fjord Vodka, this is available in liquor store too.And we have now some Norwegian cognac,but they are maid in France.
Norway has restrictive alcohol laws, regulating purchase of alcohol through the state run liquor store.

These laws prohibit the import of miniature bottles by any other means than through the state run liquor store.
This contributes to the high cost of these bottles. To avoid this added expense I have acquired my collection while travelling abroad. I have also received miniatures as gifts from friends and have widened my collection by swapping with other collectors.

When I travel abroad I bring into the country the followings: 4 litres plus my quota and 1 litre spirits and 1 litre of wine/liqueur. I have to pay import duties- one litre costs kr.285.
Collecting miniatures in Norway is both expensive and difficult. There are very few people who have miniature collecting as their hobby. I wish there were enough to have a Norwegian collectors club. I would be interested